Filter: RCB/Forward/Endpoints

apply_filters( 'RCB/Forward/Endpoints', $endpoints, $filter, $requestBlogId, $currentBlogId ) → {array}

(Pro only) Get all available and predefined endpoints. E. g. if your are running within a mulitisite, you will get all available WP REST API endpoints for each site within this multisite. That means, you need to add your endpoint as follows: `$endpoints[""] = 'My example'.` Attention: This filter can be run multiple times when you are within a multisite. For each blog, the filter is applied.
Name Type Description
$endpoints array
$filter boolean Can be `all`, `notCurrent` and `onlyCurrent`
$requestBlogId int since 2.15.1
$currentBlogId int since 2.15.1