Filter: RCB/Blocker/VisualParent

apply_filters( 'RCB/Blocker/VisualParent', $useVisualParent, $tag, $attributes ) → {boolean|string|number}

A tag got blocked, e. g. iframe. We can now determine the "Visual Parent". The visual parent is the closest parent where the content blocker should be placed to. The visual parent can be configured as follow:

  • false = Use original element
  • true = Use parent element
  • number = Go upwards x element (parentElement)
  • string = Go upwards until parentElement matches a selector
  • string = Starting with children: you can querySelector down to create the visual parent for a children (since 2.0.4)
Name Type Description
$useVisualParent boolean | string | number
$tag string
$attributes array
  • 1.5.0
boolean | string | number