Action: DevOwl/Utils/RestObfuscatePath

do_action( 'DevOwl/Utils/RestObfuscatePath', $enabled )

This filter allows to enable or disable the obfuscated wp-json/... pathes.

Currently, the obfuscating is disabled by default for the following plugins:

WP Cerber (

Technically, WP Cerber uses $_REQUEST['rest_route'] instead of, which is the default WordPress API to do so. Also, the cerber_access_control() function, which blocks the REST API requests, is executed at init time, instead of or even better:

mqTranslate (

It modifies the way how the request hook works to rewrite translation URLs. As it is an outdated plugin, we simply deactivate the obfuscation for this plugin.

Name Type Description
$enabled boolean
  • 1.13.3

Disable REST obfuscation

add_filter('DevOwl/Utils/RestObfuscatePath', '__return_false');