Activator The activator class handles the plugin relevant activation hooks: Uninstall, activation, deactivation and installation. The "installation" means installing needed database tables.
Assets Base asset management class for frontend scripts and styles.
Base Base trait for all available classes in your plugin. The trait itself should not be directly used, use the UtilsProvider trait instead in your plugin! But you can still use the methods defined there.
Core Base class for the applications Core class.
Localization Base i18n management for backend and frontend.
PluginReceiver This trait is used via Base trait and allows to consume the prefix filled but the UtilsProvider in your plugin. That allows you to dynamically get plugin data within your composer package.


Constants Common constants which cannot be hold in `trait`s as this is forbidden since PHP 8.1.
ExpireOption WordPress itself has a so-called "Transient API" which allows you to save custom results of e. g. database queries in the database `wp_options` table. While developing the plugin Real Media Library we experienced a lot of issues with Transients as there are a lot of performance and optimization plugins which clears the transients.
PackageLocalization Base i18n management for backend and frontend for a package.
Service Create a base REST Service needed for boilerplate development. Please do not remove it.
ServiceNoStore Add `no-store` cache control directive to WP REST API requests.