Module: others/mediaViews


Modify the media-views.js components (Backbone) in a way to make them compatible with the AIOT component.


(static, constant) BROWSER_SELECTOR

The attachments browser selectors.hooks

(static, constant) firstCreatedToolbar

This deferred promise is resolved when the first attachments browser' toolbar is created with the RML filter.


(static) restoreMediaViewSelection(tree, _rmlFolder, callbackopt)

Restores the selected id from the _rmlFolder property of the given context.
Name Type Attributes Description
tree module:AppTree~AppTree The tree instance
_rmlFolder object The _rmlFolder property
callback function <optional>
Optional callback resolved with the selected node

(inner) createAttachments()

Create the view for "Select folder".

(inner) scroll()

Override the default behavior when scrolling is relative to the document height: upload.php. Instead of calculating with the scroll bottom use the view-port approach.

(inner) updateContent()

Update handler to show created label for "Select folder" or "No media found".