Action: RML/$action/AnyParentHasMeta/$meta_key

do_action( 'RML/$action/AnyParentHasMeta/$meta_key', $metas, $folder, $args, $all_metas )

This action is called for the results of the RML/$action/AnyParentHasMeta filter. Note: The allowed $actions are: See RML/$action/AnyParentHasMeta
Name Type Description
$metas array Result array for this meta key, similar to IFolder::anyParentHasMetadata result
$folder IFolder The IFolder object
$args Array.<arguments> The referenced arguments which are also passed to RML/$action/AnyParentHasMeta
$all_metas array All found metas grouped by meta_key so you can check for multiple meta_keys
  • 3.3